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At Jazz Laser Hair Clinic, also known as Salon Jazz, we provide a caring, customized approach, tailoring our expertise to match your specific needs. Our staff go beyond clinical expectations, with an at home therapy plan that continues the process of hair rejuvenation long after you have left our office. Jazz also offers additional aesthetic services to ensure that you feel as beautiful outside as you are within.

Jazz Laser Hair Clinic is dedicated to providing quality laser hair therapy treatment, along with a vast array of aesthetic services.

The Team

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Meet the Jazz team, each member an expert in their field and looking forward to learning more about how they can help you.
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Jacinthe Chatelain (Jazz) Owner

Jazz is a Laser Hair Treatment Specialist who operates her clinic with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Her thorough understanding of hair types, issues and needs reflects the level of her expertise. What makes visiting Jazz Laser Hair Clinic unique is that Jazz is directly involved with the day-to-day consultations and procedures. Jazz is more than just the owner, she is a professional who dedicates her life to improving the lives of others.

A specialist in: laser hair treatment (combats hair loss, provides regrowth of hair), laser hair removal, additional aesthetic services.

portrait photo of Dr. Rahal
Dr. Rahal

Dr. Rahal is a Hair Transplant Specialist based in Ottawa, Ontario, but who has established hair transplant centres across Canada and the United States. He has dedicated his professional life to providing patients with the best hair transplant techniques available. Dr. Rahal works alongside owner Jazz to ensure clients are receiving the right hair treatment for their needs, supporting laser hair treatments for instances where transplants are not actively necessary.

A specialist in: follicular unit transplant (FUT or FUSS), trichophytic scar closure, large mega sessions, high density transplants, and restoring natural hairlines.

What our customers are saying

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I received a warm and professional service when I got laser hair removal treatments at Jacinthe’s salon. All of my questions were answered with care, detail and honesty. The results were excellent and what I had expected. Jacinthe has a natural ability to make us feel comfortable and to calm our concerns. I felt in good hands right from the start knowing I was dealing with someone with many years of experience in her field. Thanks for everything.
Lyne, Orleans, ON

I had been looking for laser services for several months, but the salons I got in touch with never seemed able to meet my needs. Finally, when I contacted Salon Jazz, I got the solutions and treatments I had been looking for. The process is safe, the service is professional and it is cost-effective. I saw immediate results. After almost a year, I’m very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks Jacinthe.
S. Clément, Orleans, ON

Always impeccable service! Jazz’ clinic is clean, cozy (there is a fireplace!) and professional. I go to see Jazz for laser hair removal treatments and I am very satisfied with the quality of service I receive and the results I am getting from those treatments! Jazz makes you feel immediately comfortable and breaks through that initial awkwardness in seconds. Jazz Laser Hair Clinic and Medical Spa is the place to go. Also, bilingual services with state of the art equipment!

Catherine Milot, Orleans, ON

Jazz is such a professional! She immediately makes you feel comfortable no matter what the procedure. Even if what you are doing is physically uncomfortable she somehow makes it something you can laugh at. I just love her for that!
The equipment she uses and the techniques she excels at are second to none. I simply would not trust anyone else to work on my skin. Seriously!

Catherine Fair, Orleans, ON

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