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Teeth Whitening

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Get the bright smile that you have always wanted. 

What is Teeth Whitening

Dental bleaching is a safe procedure that clears enamel and tooth dentin stains by using a whitening solution, either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide is more commonly used by home-based customers versus hydrogen peroxide which is used by US professionals.

What to Expect

In most cases, the natural color of the teeth varies from greyish to yellow. Teeth naturally darken with age, and smoking and eating certain foods or drinks can affect their appearance by causing stains on the surface of teeth. More and more people want to have a whiter, brighter smile, so dental whiteners have been made available to consumers.

How It Works

This technique consists in using a bleaching agent which passes through the enamel, the outer part of the crown and penetrates at the level of the dentin. This agent is an oxygen ion that can be obtained from different products. The oxygen ion then acts on the bonds of the chromophores and makes it possible to lighten the tooth.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects following tooth whitening can be:

  • Hypersensitivity of the teeth (increased sensitivity to extreme temperatures)
  • Irritation of the mucous membranes, tongue or gums
  • Bleaching of the gum

Its effects are only temporary and do not happen to all patients.

Wash away those stubborn tooth stains and smile with confidence. 

The Products Used

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16% hydrogen peroxide and 35% carbamide peroxide

To perform tooth whitening, we use 16 % hydrogen peroxide, the same ingredients used by dentists.  35% carbamide peroxide is a product more commonly used in products that customers make themselves at home.  Ex: Hi Smile, Crest White Strips etc.

Although the percentage of hydrogen peroxide is lower than that of carbamide peroxide, it is more effective on stubborn stains.

Hydrogen peroxide is a very reactive chemical composed of hydrogen and oxygen.  It is used primarily to produce other chemicals, as well as for bleaching paper and textiles.  In addition, the high dilute hydrogen peroxide can be used to disinfect contact lenses.

Hydrogen peroxide easily passes through dental email.  According to most existing studies, bleaching does not damage email.  Any time being a very reactive chemical, it can have side effects especially if it is used for teeth whitening.  It can make the teeth more sensitive and it can irritate the month as well as the gums. If used properly and sparingly, it is effective and recommended by dentists.

Hydrogen peroxide is more commonly used and has a higher potency than carbamide peroxide.  It can speed up the money laundering process.

Carbamide peroxide is a chemical compound composed of hydrogen peroxide and ex duration: 30 % carbamide peroxide is composed of 10% hydrogen peroxide.

It is used as bleach for hair as well as in dental products such as antiseptic shower baths, toothpaste etc.

Carbamide peroxide is an effective solution, provided you respect the recommended does, or 44% maximum under penalty of damaging tooth enamel.

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